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Thu. Mar 23rd 2017

8:32 HRS   MAHONING TOWNSHIP  597 RAILROAD STREET  E63, A120, MTPD  One vehicle MVA with a...

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Mon. Mar 13th 2017


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Sat. Mar 11th 2017


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Wed. Aug 12th 2015

MONTOUR AREA FIRE DEPARTMENTS6th ANNUAL FIRE SAFETYSUMMER DAY CAMPAugust 12th, 13th, & 14th   2015Age group 6-9 (onl...

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Mon. Jun 1st 2015
Former Chief Remembered

After 54 years of service as a fire department member, former East End Chief Robert Fiegles’s name will be a permanent ...

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Mon. Jun 1st 2015

East End Fire Company (MTFD) is very proud of fire fighter Andy "Kooter" Makuch, He graduated from the FDNY ac...

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Thu. Mar 23rd 2017
8:32 HRS   MAHONING TOWNSHIP  597 RAILROAD STREET  E63, A120, MTPD  One vehicle MVA with a diabetic emergency.  Traffic control and fluid clean-up.    
Mon. Mar 13th 2017
13:19 HRS  COOPER TOWNSHIP  1511 MONTOUR BLVD   SWARTZ'S COLLISION  B15, L19, R27, SQ35, E43, E63, A120, U57   Dispatched to a natural gas leak.  UGI on scene quickly.   
Sat. Mar 11th 2017
20:28 HRS  MAHONING TOWNSHIP  GRANDVIEW NURSING HOME  49 WOODBINE LANE  E63, T66, B65, A120  Crews requested to assist EMS with cardiac arrest.   
Fri. Mar 10th 2017
20:44 HRS  NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, NORTHUMBERLAND BOROUGH  65 QUEEN STREET  E63 due for RIT  Possible electrical fire, command placed E63 in service prior to response.   
Fri. Mar 10th 2017
6:58 HRS RUSH TOWNSHIP   ROUTE 54 AT SCISLY ROAD  E74, T76, R27, A120, U57, E63 E63 dispatched to MVA in error.  Manpower to station, but did not respond.   
Thu. Mar 9th 2017
14:14 HRS  MAHONING TOWNSHIP  GMC ANNEX 100 N ACADEMY AVENUE   E63, T66, B65, GMC SECURITY  Dispatched to a water flow alarm.  No water flow.  Alarm believed to be caused by earlier maintenance on the system.   
Thu. Mar 2nd 2017
17:14 HRS  LIBERTY TOWNSHIP   6800 PURPLE HEART HIGHWAY  E103, T106, B105, R97, T66, B65, UCE12-1, UCT12-1, A120, U57  Dispatched to an electrical fire on a porch.  T66 canceled en route.    
Wed. Mar 1st 2017
19:38 HRS  MAHONING TOWNSHIP    RIVER ROAD JUST PAST RAILROAD TRACKS  E63, T66, B65, A120, U57, MTPD, DPD  Traffic control for a pedestrian accident.  
Tue. Feb 28th 2017
23:46 HRS  MAHONING TOWNSHIP  108 WOODBINE LANE   GHP HUGHES CENTER SOUTH  E63, T66, B65, A120, U57, MTPD  Dispatched to an automatic alarm.  Painters in building working.  When crew extended the skylift jack to reach the vaulted ceiling, the jack br...
Mon. Feb 27th 2017
15:52 HRS  DANVILLE BOROUGH   PERKINS RESTAURANT  B15, L19, SQRT23, R27, E33, SQ35, E43, E63, T66, B65, A120, U57, DPD  Dispatched to a possible structure fire, light smoke condition in the building.  Crews investigated to find that an AC unit motor had burned...
Sun. Feb 26th 2017
20:18 HRS  NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, POINT TOWNSHIP  3373 POINT TOWNSHIP DRIVE  E63, B65, A120, U57 due to assist NCST 741, 742 and 73 Two vehicle MVA with no injuries.  MVA past, no occupants in the area.  
Sun. Feb 26th 2017
17:51 HRS  MAHONING TOWNSHIP  205 LOCUST LANE  E63, T66, B65  Dispatched to investigate an odor of gasoline in home.  Source determined to be a leaking snowblower carburetor in the garage.  Used pressure fan to ventilate garage.   
Fri. Feb 24th 2017
17:23 HRS  RUSH TWP  33 HUMMER ROAD  E74, T76, B15, B65, B724, SQ723, B635, T176, A120, U57  Field fire approximately an acre in size.  Crews extinguished and overhauled.   
Mon. Feb 20th 2017
19:58 HRS  ANTHONY TOWNSHIP  110 YEAGLE RD  E83, T86, B85, R87, E63RIT, UCE9-3,UCT9-2, UCMICU8, WQRS, WFP2ND ALARM: R97, B95, T106  Crews dispatched to a barn fire, endangering the home.  Upon arrival, barn fully involved and on the ground.  Command held the b...
Mon. Feb 20th 2017
12:05 HRS  COOPER TOWNSHIP   501 MT ZION DRIVE  B15, SQRT23, R27, E33, SQ35, E43, B65, T66, U57, A120  Crews extinguished a brush fire approximately 1 acre in size.     
Sun. Feb 19th 2017
11:29 HRS  MAHONING TOWNSHIP  NAZARETH MEMORY CENTER   E63, T66, B65, A120, U57  Alarm caused by a leaking sprinkler pipe.  Pipe was corroded through.  Crews shut off sprinkler system, removed wet ceiling tiles and cleaned up water.  Maintenance in s...
Sun. Feb 12th 2017
11:20 HRS  NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, POINT TOWNSHIP  174 HOFFMAN LANE NCE741, E742, T743, T744, E73, T73, R73, T572, T722, T631, MCE63-RIT, MCT66, A2-2, PTFP  Working barn fire.  Structure on ground upon arrival, E63 re-assigned from RIT to assist with suppression.&nb...
Tue. Feb 7th 2017
3:28 HRS  DANVILLE BOROUGH  408 BLOOM STREET  L19, R27, E33, SQ35, E43, E63, A120, U57, DPD  Crews dispatched to a Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm activation with a haze in the structure.  Crews found a furnace malfunction with high levels of CO.  &n...
Sun. Feb 5th 2017
13:14 HRS  LIBERTY TOWNSHIP   2000 CENTER ROAD E103, T106, B105, R97, T66, UNCT12-1, UNCE12-1, A120, U57 (1ST ALARM)E63, T76, E74, E43, T86, E83, UCT15-1, LEWISBURG TANKER, MILLVILLE TANKER (2), AND OTHERS  Working fire in a large chicken barn, endangering the home...
Sat. Feb 4th 2017
10:33 HRS  NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, CITY OF SUNBURY    500 REAGAN STREET  E63 Initially dispatched to a transfer assignment to Goodwill Hose Co in Sunbury as they were out on a working structure fire.  Shortly after arriving at location, E63 was called to t...
Thu. Feb 2nd 2017
7:40 HRS  NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY POINT TOWNSHIP   ROUTE 11 AREA OF ZARTMAN'S CONSTRUCTION  E63 due  Upon response, Point command requested E63 shut down route 11 southbound.  Traffic control set up at Bald Top.   
Wed. Feb 1st 2017
14:58 HRS  MAHONING TOWNSHIP  BLOOM ROAD AT HUNTINGTON  E63, T66, B65, A120, U57, MTPD  Reported vehicle accident blocking roadway.  Arrival on scene, vehicles were off roadway and no injuries.  No services needed.  
Sun. Jan 29th 2017
18:37 HRS  COOPER TOWNSHIP  RIVER DRIVE JUST BEFORE COUNTY LINE  B15, R27, E33, E43, E63, B65, A120, U57, PSP  One vehicle MVA, no injuries, with confinement.  Vehicle on it's side, driver needed seatbelt cut to be free.  Traffic c...
Fri. Jan 27th 2017
14:25 HRS   MAHONING TOWNSHIP  ROUTE 11 SOUTH, JUST PAST BALDTOP ROAD  E63, T66, B65, R27, A120, U57, MTPD, DPD, RPD, MCSO, WFP/B85, PTFP/SQ747  Three vehicle MVA with heavy entrapment (x2) and injuries.  Extrication, patient packaging, traffic control and deb...
Fri. Jan 27th 2017
9:10 HRS   DANVILLE BOROUGH  620 EAST MARKET STREET  B15, L19, SQRT23, R27, E33, SQ35, E43, E63, T66, B65, A120, U57, DPD, MTPD  Crews dispatched to a possible structure fire - smoke in the structure.  Upon investigation, discovered it was a oil burner/furnace...
Thu. Jan 26th 2017
10:49 HRS MAHONING TOWNSHIP   FABTEX  111 WOODBINE LANE  E63, T66, B65, A120, U57, MTPD  False alarm, no services needed.    
Mon. Jan 23rd 2017
17:45 HRS   WEST HEMLOCK TOWNSHIP  150 FROSTY VALLEY ROAD  R97, E63, T66, B65, E83, B85, A120, WQRS  Dispatched to wires arcing across the roadway.  C90 held box to R97.  No wires across roadway, no arcing found, no power outage.  PPL notified. ...
Fri. Jan 20th 2017
12:38 HRS  MAHONING TOWNSHIP   116 MIDDLE ST  E63, T66, B65, A120, MTPD, DPD  Crews dispatch to investigate and audible fire alarm activation.  Upon arrival, nothing visible, two alarms activating.  Key holder arrived and entry made.  No smoke or fir...
Fri. Jan 20th 2017
08:38 HRS  COLUMBIA COUNTY, MONTOUR TOWNSHIP   103 TOWER RD  E63-RIT, T66, E43 ASSISTED CC MONTOUR TOWNSHIP, BUCKHORN, BLOOMSBURG AND ESPY  Working residential structure fire.  E63 was RIT, T66 supplied water.   
Thu. Jan 19th 2017
00:41 HRS  MAHONING TOWNSHIP  115 WOODBINE LANE  GMC OUTPATIENT SUGERY CENTER  E63, T66, B65, A120, MTPD, DPD, GMC Security and Fire Protection  False alarm.  Crews investigated.  Determined alarm was caused by construction in the area.  Construction...
1,643 entries the in Call History
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