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Mon. Sep 30th 2019
17:54 HRS MONTOUR COUNTY, MAHONING STREET ST60, DFD, U57, B65, B15, SQD35, LAD19, RES27, ENG63, ENG43, ENG33, SQ23, BLS120 DELTA Stove fire was out upon arrival, ventilation was needed
Mon. Sep 30th 2019
16:47 HRS MOUNTOUR COUNTY MAHONING TOWNSHIP WOODBINE LN ST60, U57, B65, T66, E63, BLS120 MAHPD Gas leak outside of building, odor of natural gas in area present and came from meter. Crews stayed on sc...
Mon. Sep 30th 2019
12:00 HRS MONTOUR COUNTY, MAHONING TOWNSHIP ST60, ENG43, U57, B65,T66, ENG63, BLS120 Vehicle fire at Geisinger parking lot, fire was out upon chef's arrival, box was held to E63
Mon. Sep 30th 2019
08:15 HRS COLUMBIA COUNTY PURPLE HEART HIGHWAY AND SHAKESSPEAR RD T106, RIT60 ENGINE 63 was dispatched for RIT on a possible structure fire. E63 was cancelled en route, incident was actually a contro...
Sun. Sep 29th 2019
18:00 HRS MONTOUR BLVD COOPER TOWNSHIP PSP, E63, DFD, U57, B15, SQD35, LAD19, REES27, END43, END33, MICU124 2 cars with rollover , one car full flip, no entrapment
News Headlines
Wed. Aug 9th 2017
MONTOUR AREA FIRE DEPARTMENTS9th ANNUAL FIRE SAFETYSUMMER DAY CAMPAugust 8th, 9th, & 10th 2018Age group 6-10 (only): 9:00am – 11:00amAge group 11-15 (only): 1:00pm – 3:00pmLocated...
Mon. Jun 1st 2015
After 54 years of service as a fire department member, former East End Chief Robert Fiegles’s name will be a permanent part of the home he loved.Fiegles, who served as fire chief in 1968, 1975 a...
Mon. Jun 1st 2015
East End Fire Company (MTFD) is very proud of fire fighter Andy "Kooter" Makuch, He graduated from the FDNY academy and is now a fire fighter with Ladder 156 in Brooklyn! He started with MTF...
Fri. Nov 14th 2014
Tue. Aug 19th 2014
The annual "Blue Bat Classic" was held at the 1st Baptist Church softball field between Continental Fire Co and East End Fire Co. East End will again have the honor of keeping the bat in t...
Apparatus History

Established in 1922

Operated a Hose Cart (? - ?)

1929 Ford Model A Engine (1930 - 1946)

The above Ford chassis was equiped with a Prospect apparatus. The equipment consisted of a booster tank and a 180 gpm pump. 2 - 45 gallon chemical tanks, 350 feet of hose, ladders, axes and lanterns. It was one of the most up to date apparatus in the area. It was purchased though the Cruze Motor Company at the cost of $4000.

1941 Mack Engine (1941 - 1967)

1961 Chevrolet/Central Engine (1961 - 1980)

750 gpm, in service with EEFC until 1980.

1967 International/Central (1967 - 1988)

750 gpm, in service with EEFC until it was sold to the Valley Twp FC, Montour Co in 1988.

1974 Dodge Mini Pumper (? - ?)

1980 Ford Darley (1980 - 1995)

1000 gpm pump / 750 tank, cost $69,480 in 1980, was in service with EEFC until 1995.

1968 American LaFrance Engine (1988 - 1993)

The ALF was purchased from the Flourtown FD in 1988. It was a 1968 that had been refurbished with an E-One body in 1980.

1992 Ford Brush Truck (1992 - 2008)

The Ford was in service with EEFC until 2008 when it was sold to the Pottsgrove FC, Northumberland Co.

1992 Mack 4-Guys Tanker (1992 - 2006)

The Mack / 4-Guys tanker had a 1600 tank and was a 1250 gpm, it was in service with EEFC until 2006 when it was sold to the Wilmot FC, Bradford Co.

1995 Pierce Engine (1995 - 2010)


Eight Man Seating-5 SCBA Seats
Detroit Diesel Series 40 300HP Diesel Engine
Allison Series MD3060 5 Speed Automatic Transmission
185” Wheelbase & GVWR 43,000 lbs
1500 GPM Waterous Pump & 750 Gallon Poly Tank
Four Crosslay Preconnects, Two Rear Hosebed Preconnects, 1 Front Pumper Preconnect
One Front 6” Intake & Two Side 6” Intakes
Hosebed Capacity-1500’ 5” Hose
Q2B Siren, 3000 Watt Wil-Burt Light Tower, Koehler 5000 Watt Generator
24’ Aluminum Ext. Ladder, 14’ Aluminum Roof Ladder, 10’ Aluminum Attic Ladder
3-6”x10’ Hard Sleeves & On Spot Chains
Roll-up Doors, AC, All Emergency Lighting Included & Master Stream Device Included
Miles: 21,000 & Hours: 300

Was sold to the Hunlock's Creek FC, Luzerne Co.

2006 KME Tanker (2006 - present)

2006 Inflatable Boat (2006 - present)

2008 Ford Brush Truck (2008 - present)

2010 Pierce Engine (2010 - present)


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